The Flight Deck

Closed permanently.
Closed permanently.

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Delivery website

This is the way to go!
This is the way to go!

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Closed permanently.
Closed permanently.


Fresh    Food. Scratch cooking.

Great Views.   Great Friends

Lunch &    Breakfast

stay tuned for new hours!  

Food Lovers​

When planning your perfect day, look no further than The Flight Deck!


Take some time, sit on our patio and watch the world go by.


Food lovers're in for a tasty surprise.


You never know what you will see!



Meet Our Staff

We have such a great crew!

This is the kind of place where we remember your name and what you like to eat. 

Alicia & Anthony are cooking.

Natalie greets you at the door.

Ashley, Winnie, and Chantelle are usually around to serve - and Emily & Ashley as well on Weekends.

And Tracy is around somewhere...

Give them a shout out!

Flight Deck News

We love to meet people who drive in or fly in! And we are TRYING to stay open - despite the challenging year of 2020. 

We are expanding our options for takeout and delivery - in preparation of COVID surges - and taking precautions in house - to maintain safety and stay in business.

Thank you for all your support, as we would be lost without you!

Tag us on social media and check-in!

It really helps give us a boost.

Times are changing quickly - so 

Give us a call or check social media if you are flying in to ensure we are open.


We would love to help with any special events or catering needs! Drop us a line.

Stay safe - And stay in touch!